Belden Brick/Redland Brick

Belden Brick and its fully owned subsidiaries, Redland Brick and Tru-Brix, are major masonry suppliers based in the United States. Founded over 130 years ago in Ohio, Belden Brick offers customers over 400 brick types and colours. Additionally, the company has the ability to offer specialty shapes and sizes, making the company’s product line virtually endless.

Redland Brick is a wholly owned subsidiary of Belden Brick. With 5 plants in the Northeastern United States, Redland offers a wide range of brick products including moulded brick, handmade brick, fireclay, red shale and sand coated brick.

Tru Brix is a versatile cladding system offered by Belden Brick that allows the use of real brick facing when full sized brick is not economical. Tru-Brix has been used commercially and residentially to produce classic brick architecture, as well as in modern styles to create a totally unique look on buildings and homes.

Belden Brick products are severe weather tested to last in harsh climates, and offer unparalleled strength.

V.J. Rice Concrete Limited is a proud distributor of Belden Brick products.