Septic Tanks


V.J. Rice Concrete Limited produces both one and two section septic tanks, ranging in size from 2840 litres (625 gallons) to 4800 litres (1056 gallons) in both standard and low profile design. These reinforced concrete septic tanks are manufactured in compliance with CSA B66.

V.J. Rice Concrete Limited septic tanks can be delivered and set in place with the company’s boom-equipped delivery trucks when required.

V.J. Rice Concrete Limited offers all relevant septic tank accessories to meet customer design and installation requirements.

Pump Chambers

Pump chambers are used to collect a specified amount of effluent, which is then pumped throughout the entire field bed. The advantages of using a pump chamber are that the entire field bed is utilized and also the field bed has opportunity to dry out between cycles. Pump chambers are used in situations where the elevation is insufficient to let gravity do this work on its own.

Flout Chambers

Flout chambers work similarly to pump chambers. However, flout chambers are used in areas that rely on gravity to function, without the use of a pump. This means that flout chambers do not require electricity or other mechanical components to operate.

Flow Distributors

Flow distributors, or leeching chambers, are used in areas where space is limited. The use of flow distributors replaces the use of high quantities of septic sand

Risers, Covers and Filters


TUF-TITE® Risers and Covers are offered in a 24” opening. The Risers are 6” high and 12” high, and customers can use as many risers as are required to bring access to ground level. This prevents customers from having to dig down to their septic tank every time tank emptying is required.

Risers hold their shape, are stackable, screw together, and are water and airtight.

A TUF-TITE® Tank Adapter Ring can be used when concrete septic tanks have concrete pullout covers instead of risers. The adapter is fastened down to the top of the septic tank, and then a 24” riser can be attached. This then allows customers to use risers to bring access up to ground level.

A TUF-TITE® Riser-to-Riser Adapter Ring can be used when trying to retrofit a TUF-TITE riser to another brand of riser. These adapters are offered with a 24” opening.

The TUF-TITE® EF-6 Effluent Filter is rated at 1500 Gallons Per Day. These filters install easily in new tanks, or can be retrofitted to existing systems. The TUF-TITE® EF-6 Effluent Filter has a modular design, allowing for increased filtration.